Send email anonymously using Mailfence and Tor

Send email anonymously

Recently, we’ve been asked by several users about using Mailfence secure and private email suite via Tor in order to enhance their online anonymity. The answer is yes, your Mailfence account can easily be accessed via the Tor browser, just like any other clearnet service in order to send email anonymously and securely.

What information will Mailfence have when I use it via Tor ?

Emails sent using Mailfence webmail do not include the source IP address (X-Originating-IP) for privacy reasons. When you sign-in and/or login via Tor, Mailfence (or other intermediaries) will only see your Tor exit node (the last point in the anonymous communication chain). Your real IP address will not be exposed.

Tor has had security flaws before, so it’s worth making sure you always have the latest Tor browser version.

When should I use Mailfence via Tor ?

Whenever you think it is important for you to anonymize your meta-data. Tor will do the trick.

Note: we also plan to release an onion domain for Mailfence in the future.

Should I use a VPN along with Tor to send email anonymously?

Yes, in fact we recommend you to. But do use a VPN dedicated to anonymity that doesn’t keep logs of your traffic. VPN’s provide quite a few advantages over Tor, though you’ll probably have to pay some money.

Finally, nothing is 100% anonymous or secure. Whether you’re using Tor, a VPN, or anything else. It all depends on what you use, how you use it, and what your goals are. Nonetheless, if your objective is to send email anonymously, above mentioned procedures will do the trick.

Got some questions ? Feel free to contact our support (support at mailfence dot com).

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M Salman Nadeem

Information Security Analyst - Security Team | Mailfence

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7 Responses

  1. John says:

    But to register to your service, I need to leave my real email address. And when I send an email through your service, my mailfence email address will show. So anybody can trace me all the way to mailfence, and under a court order you will disclose my real email address. Connecting through Tor will not change this. How can you say i Iwill be anonymous in such case?

    • Dear,

      You are correct in saying that in case of a court order we might be forced to disclose your external emailaddress. However this in only in case of a courtorder from a Belgian judge. This only happens in case of a strong supposition of unlawful use of our service. Also, you are free to use any external emailaddress when creating your account. Check our transparancy report for more info about discolure of data to authorities. We have plans to make this external address optional in the future.


      Mailfence Team

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, any plans on adding a tor hidden service, like ProtonMail does?

  3. There is a (lock) symbol where you enter your password. It appears to be limiting the entering of the complete password.

  1. December 13, 2016

    […] a new email account. The IP address of the sending email client can be changed by using a VPN, Tor, or a public Internet connection. The usual caveats about Tor apply: do not rely exclusively on […]

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