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Encryption is the answer.

password vs passphrase

Password vs Passphrase: Which One Is Right For YOU?

A password vs a passphrase: do you know the difference? And more importantly, do you know when to use one or the other? Choosing the right authentication method is crucial to safeguarding your personal information.

how to encrypt a file

How to Encrypt a File Like a Pro: 5 Easy Methods

Knowing how to encrypt a file is such an underrated skill to have. Not only does encrypting your files protect your sensitive data from cybersecurity breaches. It also protects your right to privacy. So, in

How to securely backup your emails?

In today’s tech-driven world, our emails hold a lot of important information. From personal chats to work conversations, it’s crucial to keep our emails secure. This guide will show you how to easily and securely

Secure Email vs Regular Email: What’s the Difference?

In the digital age, where most of our communications are online, email remains one of the primary methods we use for professional and personal correspondence. However, with rising concerns about privacy and security, it’s essential