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protect your data when crossing borders

Protect your data when crossing borders

Anyone who has traveled to the United States will know how seriously border security is taken. In recent years, Customs & Border Protection (CBP) agents have been increasingly searching travelers’...

Mailfence security, privacy and anonymity

User data security, privacy and anonymity

User security, privacy and anonymity are three related concepts that overlap. In this blogpost, we will try to explain how Mailfence relates to each of them. What is security, privacy...

OpenPGP digital signature best practices

OpenPGP digital signature best practices

In a recent post, we discussed the OpenPGP encryption best practices. Digital signatures on the other hand are also a vital part of OpenPGP which gets used both by advanced and entry level users....

meilleures pratiques de cryptage OpenPGP

OpenPGP encryption best practices

Strong encryption is no longer a privilege of geeks and paranoids, but is becoming mainstream. However, true end-to-end encryption is not out-of-the-box and generally requires you to activate a number of...

MF blog SSL certificate

Mailfence blog: SSL certificate

This is a follow up of last blog post Mailfence launches new blog, and provide details over the SSL/TLS certificate for this blog. A modern browser should automatically check the...

Image d'une zone de saisie de mot de passe sur site à l'écran (suivez nos conseils de sécurité )

Security advisory regarding Yahoo hack

Yahoo recently confirmed a massive breach of over 500 million email accounts, including both credentials and security questions. At Mailfence – a secure and private email service, the security team...