Transparency Report and Warrant Canary

In light of our attachment to online privacy – we would like to present our Transparency report and Warrant canary in order to inform you about legal requests for information of our users.

Transparancy Report

Between the 30th of June 2017 and 1st of January 2018, Mailfence has

  • received requests for user identification in 4 cases.
  • provided user identification because of a valid Belgium court order in 3 cases.

Last updated: Tuesday, 2nd of January 2018 (this information will be updated every half year)
Next update date: Monday, 2nd of July 2018

To be counted as a request for information, the request must come through a legal channel. We do not count unofficial requests which are always rejected. The only legally binding requests are from Belgian courts that we are legally obligated to comply with.

Warrant Canary

Although a gag order is legally not possible in Belgium, we still publish a warrant canary.  Mailfence being a Belgian company, it cannot receive and has never received any US National Security Letters or FISA court orders.  We also have not been subject to any gag order by a FISA court. Finally, we have never placed any backdoors in our hardware or software and have not received any requests to do so.

Previous Tranparency Reports

Between the launch of Mailfence and 30th of June 2017 Mailfence has

  • received requests for user identification in 17 cases.
  • provided user identification because of a valid Belgium court order in 13 cases.

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