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Notes de version Mailfence décembre 2016

Mailfence Release Notes May 2019

We’re happy to present the Mailfence Release Notes May 2019 with several new features, improvements and fixes. New Features BETA release: Custom domain *: Add and manage E-mail domains. BETA...

Attaques DDoS

What is a DDoS Attack?

Reports of DDoS attacks pop up in the news every few months. Servers crash, sites go down, and companies can lose millions of dollars while their services are disrupted. Services...

portes dérobées de chiffrement : peuvent-elles fonctionner ?

Encryption Backdoors: Can they work?

Certain events have led to renewed calls from governments and law enforcement for more sophisticated tools for monitoring suspects. One idea that has received renewed attention is ‘encryption backdoors.’ An encryption backdoor...