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Privacy is a right, not a feature!

Email security and privacy course

Email security and privacy awareness course

To mark the end of the year, we thought it is useful to propose email security and privacy course to enrich the learning and awareness of our users. For that...

Harden your Mailfence account

Harden Your Mailfence Account

Mailfence offers a secure and private collaborative suite, and all user accounts are protected through standard security and privacy measures (check our high-level security analysis for more information). However, as...

La lettre ouverte concernant l'e-Evidence (preuve électronique)

eEvidence Open Letter

What can we do when the decision makers make mistakes and actually harm online and democratic freedoms? We assemble and join our strengths with other companies, groups, or stakeholders. With...

is private anonymous

User data security, privacy, and anonymity

  Security, privacy, and anonymity are three concepts crucial to Mailfence. Our email suite has been designed to take all three into account, making it a unique solution. We also...