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Symmetric Encryption: The Easiest Way to Encrypt an Email

Symmetric encryption is a core concept in cryptography. In a nutshell, symmetric encryption uses a single key for both encrypting and decrypting data. While that may sound complex, it’s actually really simple! You don’t need

mailfence openpgp

13 OpenPGP Must-Know Tips for Secure Key Management

End-to-end encryption, and more specifically OpenPGP, is an essential part of what we do here at Mailfence. However, OpenPGP encryption isn’t always straightforward, and proper key management remains a challenge. So in this guide, we

CSA regulation

CSA Regulation Open Letter: NO to Client-Side Scanning!

Today, Mailfence and other privacy-first companies publish their Open Letter regarding the proposal for a regulation on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). Here below is the joint letter initiated by Tuta, which Mailfence and other privacy-focused

fisa section 702

An Open Letter Against FISA Section 702

UPDATED: FISA Section 702 has been pulled after intense backlash from the general public. Read more here. Today, US lawmakers are set to decide on a bill called the FISA “Reform” Bill, officially known as

digital footprint

What is your Digital Footprint?

According to a recent cybersecurity study, a staggering 91% of cyberattacks begin with an email. Considering emails store a lot of your data, this highlights the critical role they play in our digital lives and


Symmetric vs Asymmetric Encryption: What’s the difference?

In this blog post, we explain the major differences between symmetric vs asymmetric encryption. This article will also explain which encryption method you should use. Some words about different encryption methods In today’s world, scammers


What is the ePrivacy Regulation all about?

We are already living in the future. Humans attacking robots, fridges leaking your passwords, mattresses that can tell you if your partner is cheating on you.  There are even dolls listening to your children and