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Privacy is a right, not a feature.


How To Degoogle Your Life

Sure, Google is convenient, with their various services all connected and free! But Google tracks you every time you use their services, and you probably use several of them. Google allows you to freely use

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How to protect your privacy online with our 6 tips

Do you believe in the privacy of your online activities? If you don’t take any specific measures, nothing you do on the Internet is secret. Certain online service providers track everything you do online and

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Protect Your Data When Crossing Borders

Anyone who has travelled to the United States will know how seriously border security is taken. In recent years, Customs & Border Protection (CBP) agents have been increasingly searching travellers’ electronic media. As our digital


What is interoperability and why it is important

In recent years, Western countries have become aware of the growing influence of Internet giants on several aspects of political and economic life. One of the criticisms made against these large internet companies is their

mass surveillance

Mass surveillance is still happening in 2021

Mass surveillance is still happening nowadays, it should come as no surprise since the revelations of Edward Snowden the NSA whistleblower, little has changed. What changed? Nothing major towards stopping mass Surveillance. The biggest victory

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It is time to ban surveillance advertising

Recently, the Norwegian Consumer Council published a report calling for a ban on surveillance-based ads. In solidarity, Mailfence joined the undersigned privacy-first organizations to send the following letter to EU and US regulators on July