Introducing Mailfence Polls: simple and secure meeting scheduler

Mailfence strives to make the internet a safer place. That’s why we developed our encrypted email solution. But in our opinion just offering secure and private email is not sufficient. Otherwise our users would need to use insecure solutions to manage their appointments, create and store their documents or chat online. Luckily Mailfence is much more than a secure email. Mailfence allows you to organize your life through powerful productivity tools such as Mailfence Calendar, Mailfence Documents, Mailfence Contacts, Mailfence Group and Mailfence Chat.  In this post you will discover how to schedule meetings & events with Mailfence Polls, a simple and secure meeting scheduler.

What is Mailfence Polls?

Mailfence Polls is a powerful online secure meeting scheduler that allows you to schedule and manage meetings & events.  Mailfence Polls helps you to find the best time for any event. Suggest a few dates and times and invite participants to select their preferences. People don’t even need an account to participate!

With Mailfence Polls you can:

  • Schedule business meetings
  • Organize family reunions
  • Plan a party with friends

You can consult your Mailfence Polls via our web interface.  Go to the Mailfence calendar and click on Polls in the left column.

Mailfence calendar schedule polls

What are the advantages of Mailfence Polls secure meeting scheduler?

Mailfence Polls has many advantages compared to traditional meeting scheduler tools such as Doodle:

  • Mailfence Polls is integrated in Mailfence Calendar. Hence you have a view of your availabilities and other participant’s availabilities when choosing potential dates and times.
  • Once a date and time is chosen, the selected meeting appears automatically in your calendar and in the calendar of all the participants that use Mailfence.
  • Mailfence Polls is also integrated with Mailfence Contacts.  You, therefore, do not have to type in the email addresses of the participants of your poll. Just select them in your address books.
  • Mailfence Polls is a secure meeting scheduler.  It benefits of the high level of security and privacy of the entire Mailfence mail suite.

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