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A private email service

You probably know someone or have heard a really scary case of hacking or scamming. What you probably do not know however is that more than 80% of all successful cyber-security breaches begin with your email. Unfortunately, most people only start to think about their security once it is too late. They might have become victim of an attack or scam and might have lost lots of money. Even worse their lives might have been ruined because of the release of embarrassing confidential information. In this blog post we go through some of the reasons why you need a private email service now.

In order to protect your privacy and avoid such problems one of the first steps is email security. The best way to increase your email security is by following our email security course and by learning about email privacy.

Don’t wait any longer and learn about the important reasons why you need a private email service right now for yourself, your colleagues, and your family.

1. Your personal information belongs to you

Whether it is a movie you are bringing on a Monday evening, a dating site/app you are using or a medical record that contains sensitive details. Your personal information is delicate and should be treated with the utmost respect and care.

Privacy is a right, not a feature, it has been proven that tech giants prowl behind the scenes while you are using their services.

The only way for you to avoid this is by subscribing to a private email provider that is built from ground-up for privacy, security, and transparency.

2. Avoid Data Breaches

Data breaches happen because of the many dangers that come with emailing. Almost 90% of these breaches result from spam, phishing and malware that could compromise your email and your entire device.

You can learn more about Phishing here.

Phishing refers to scammers using impostor websites or emails in an attempt to steal your private data. Such data includes passwords and even credit card information.

These phishing emails contain malware viruses that infect your device just by clicking a link or opening an attachment. Use anti-virus programs that protect you against phishing attacks. To make sure you are absolutely safe to use an encrypted environment to communicate.

3. Say Goodbye to Tech Giants

Tech giants are notorious for the revenue schemes they conduct at the expense of others. This happens when you are using a “free” email service, notice that I put free in annotations.

This is because in reality, those “free” email services are not entirely free as you give up a degree of your privacy.

Private email services like Mailfence do not view nor do they distribute the content of your emails on other websites. It is time to take a stand and say goodbye to the Tech giants once and for all. Big data corporations employ vendor lock-in techniques to make sure you cannot easily switch to another email provider.

4. Use a private email service to get enhanced protection

Firewalls are indeed layers of extra protection that provide additional measures of security to the users. Nevertheless, when you send an email to an incorrect recipient he/she can view the content of the email.

Encrypt your email to prevent this from happening, if you use symmetric encryption to send an encrypted email to an unintended recipient, this person cannot open the email without the password used to encrypt it.

In addition, use digital signatures to add extra security attributes such as sender verification. A digital signature functions as an ordinary hand-written signature, however, it provides more security while minimizing the disadvantages that come with hand-written signatures such as forging.

5. Privacy by design

Private email service providers have built their email service from scratch to aid the consumer to overcome the obstacles found in the personal information landscape. Regarding data collection, while registering an account, Mailfence only asks for a first/last name (aka display name) that does not have to be your real name, username and reset/notification address (to establish account ownership later when needed e.g., password recovery).

Additional benefits of private email providers include the omission of tracking cookies and the exclusion of advertisements. On top of that, you can enjoy these benefits through our free subscription, there are no hidden fees nor illicit practices conducted.

Finally, you are guaranteed that your data is stored locally in cloud or hard-disk servers with rigorous safety measures in place to ensure that no-one will be able to access it. We do have set data retention times on top of minimized data collection.

6. Being carefree will cost you money

Being careless will cost you more than you can imagine. Let’s say you have not yet subscribed to a private email provider. Odds are that your personal data have already been sold to 3rd parties that will make personalized ads in order to sell more to you.

The more you visit these sites the more expensive they will be when you finally decide to use them. They will adjust their pricing based on your number of visits.

Dealing with this now will prevent current and future misuse of your personal data. However, subscribing to a private email provider is one of the many things you can do to bolster the defense of your privacy.

Parting Thoughts

The tools to fight the war against the violation of personal data exist. It is up to you to fight for your right that is Privacy. The time to act is now not when your “free” email account is compromised. Sign up for our private email and follow our Email security and privacy awareness course

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– Mailfence Team

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Patrick De Schutter

Patrick De Schutter

Patrick is the co-founder of Mailfence. He's a serial entrepreneur and startup investor since 1994 and launched several pioneering internet companies such as Allmansland, IP Netvertising or Express.be. He is a strong believer and advocate of encryption and privacy. You can follow @pdeschutter on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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