Manage your users with the Mailfence admin console

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Manage your users and configure their settings with our new admin console. Whether you are an organization or a family, our this new tool facilitates the management of your users, billing and email domain management.

What is the Mailfence admin console?

The Mailfence admin console allows you to centrally manage all your users in one place.  You will be able to create, delete, upgrade and configure your users from your account settings.

Check our Knowledge base article for the admin console


How to access the admin console?

You can access the admin console by going to ‘Settings -> Administration -> Users’ (at the bottom of the left column).

The console is only accessible to Entry or Pro users (Free users need to upgrade to get access to the console).

admin console

What are user accounts?

User accounts give people a name and a password for signing into Mailfence, as well as an email address. You can also create accounts to use as mailing lists. Every user account has its own subscription (Free, Entry or Pro). The billing of the user accounts is done through the master account (the account that manages the users).

In case you only need an alternative email address for an existing user, an alias might be more appropriate than creating a new user account. With an alias the emails sent to the email address arrive in the same inbox as the primary email address of the user. With a new user accounts the user will need to login separately in order to access the mails sent to this new email address.

How to use the admin console?

  • Make sure you have a paying subscription that gives you access to the console.
  • Migrate your custom domain to your master account as described here.
  • Go to Settings -> Administation -> Users.
  • Create your users and their respective email addresses.

Add users with admin console

  • Add a deposit to your master account by clicking on the link ‘Add provision’.

Buy provision for masteraccount


User accounts are charged on a monthly basis from the amount you added to your ‘deposit’. For example: In case you have 3 Entry accounts created in your admin console, a monthly charge of 3 times 2,5 EUR will be charged from the initial deposit you bought. 30 days later, a new charge for these three Entry accounts will be made on the remaining deposit.  Once the amount of your deposit reaches an amount lower than 20 EUR, we will invite you to recharge your deposit with an amount of your choice.

Groups of users

You can share data and collaborate with the users you have created. Groups enable you to share calendars, documents, contacts or mailboxes.  A more detailed explanation of the Group collaboration possibilities is given in following post.

In order to create a group, go to ‘Settings -> Administration -> User groups’. Create a new group, select the users and add them to a group and start sharing information.

admin console user groups


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