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Attaques DDoS

What is a DDoS Attack?

Reports of DDoS attacks pop up in the news every few months. Servers crash, sites go down, and companies can lose millions of dollars while their services are disrupted. Services...

Protect your data when crossing borders

Protect your data when crossing borders

Anyone who has traveled to the United States will know how seriously border security is taken. In recent years, Customs & Border Protection (CBP) agents have been increasingly searching travelers’...

protect your data when traveling

Protecting your devices when traveling

Even the most privacy-conscious among us encounter various security threats when travelling. Unless your laptop is inside a Zero Halliburton briefcase handcuffed to your wrist, it’s difficult to keep your...

Mailfence anonymity

User data security, privacy and anonymity

User security, privacy and anonymity are three related concepts that overlap. In this blogpost, we will try to explain how Mailfence relates to each of them. What is security, privacy...