Mailfence Release Notes April 2021


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We’re happy to present the Mailfence Release Notes April 2021 with several improvements, and fixes.

New Features

  • Messages:
    • IMAP Server: We support UIDPLUS extension.
    • We support DANE.
  • Contacts:
    • Import using vCard: New formats of Birthday dates are supported.
  • Settings:
  • Users can create Mailfence accounts directly from Thunderbird.


  • Messages:
    • A notification email is sent immediately when the sending limit is reached.
    • Issue of undesired sub-folders while creating archive of emails is fixed.
    • OpenPGP: Issue with signature when message only contains BCC recipient(s) in rich-text mode is fixed.
    • OpenPGP: Signature verification messages getting incorrectly placed in message read pane is fixed.
    • Issue of invalid DKIM signature on messages with empty body is fixed.
    • IMAP Server: Issue with specific stored message appearing as two different messages is fixed.
    • Import: Non-email files are now discarded.
    • Issue with invalid email address when improperly quoted in TO/CC/BCC field is fixed.
    • Password encryption: Received messages do not show ‘Send again’ option.
    • Composer: Several issues with auto-suggestion of addresses in TO/CC/BCC field are fixed.
  • Calendar:
    • CalDAV client: Meeting was not deleted after participation was declined.
    • Public access: Option of embedding public calendar in an iframe is now deprecated.
  • Settings:
    • Messages: Aliases: Error message when adding invalid address is improved.
    • Messages: Email domains: Delay in displaying the list is improved.
    • Messages: Email domains: DKIM entry validation is improved.
    • Messages: Administration: Users: Issue when renaming a primary address that is also a domain catch-all is fixed.
    • Messages: Email domains: Issue with a custom domain DKIM key re-generation when respective DNS DKIM record is modified is fixed.
    • Groups: Issue with invitation for specific contacts is fixed.
  • Tags:
    • Error reporting is improved.

Mobile screen app (PWA)

  • Messages:
    • Attachments: Issue with PDF file display is fixed.
  • Contacts:
    • Creation of empty contacts is now prevented.
  • Messages:
    • Not being able to set primary address after account registration is fixed.
    • OpenPGP: Passphrase prompt can more easily be detected by password managers.
    • Password encryption: Default parameters are now aligned with Desktop-web version.
    • Composer: Auto-suggestion of addresses in TO/CC/BCC field is now supported.
    • Recipient fields height is fixed.
    • List pane showing limited number of messages is fixed.
    • Drafts: Display issue in text only mode while reopening a draft is fixed.
  • Calendar:
    • Event start/end date with respect to account time-zone is fixed.
    • Week day view in list view is improved.
  • Contacts:
    • Can now directly be deleted from search results.
  • Error reporting is improved.

Extra notes regarding Release Notes April 2021

  • Security bug was fixed immediately after it got reported by Jens Müller. We thank him for notifying us.
  • Security bugs were fixed immediately after it got reported by Si Thu. We thank him for notifying us.


  • Backend release 4.8.027.
  • Frontend release 2.7.025.
  • PWA release 1.1.10.

Check our previous Release Notes and feel free to report any found bugs/queries/suggestions related to our release notes April 2021 to support (at)

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