Grupos de Mailfence: colaboração segura em grupo

The purpose of Mailfence is to make the Internet more secure. That’s why we developed our encrypted email solution. But, in our view, it is inconceivable to offer only private and secure messages. Because in that case, to manage your appointments, create and store your documents, or chat online, our users would be forced to use unsafe or non-private solutions. Fortunately, Mailfence is more than just a secure email. Mailfence lets you share and organize your private and professional life with powerful productivity tools, such as Mailfence Calendar, Mailfence Documents, Mailfence Contacts, and Mailfence Group Chat. And did you know that you can even create Mailfence groups to share your data with your family or colleagues in a secure way? Interested? Discover the possibilities of Mailfence Collaborative Groups.

Mailfence Groups, what is this?

Mailfence groups are group collaboration spaces that allow you to share data with other users. With groups, you can tap into the full potential of Mailfence!

Sharing is done in two ways:

  • Sharing using group space: Group Documents, Group Calendar, and so on. All members of the group have access to this common area.
  • Sharing your private space: This can only be done with your Mailbox and Calendar that can be shared with members of a selected group.

Belonging to a group allows:

  • see the Shared Mailbox.
  • see group contacts.
  • display the reserved time (but not the event details) in the group members’ calendar.
  • publicly share the group’s calendar through a “publicly accessible link.”
  • see all the data shared in the group spaces.
  • publicly share your documents using a “publicly accessible link.”
  • Chat with group members with instant messages and see if they’re online.
  • Send documents to the folder of a member of the group.

Keep in mind that the following data of your personal data is displayed to members: your name, name, organization, email address and photo.

How to create groups of Mailfence?

Step 1: Create the group

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click “Groups” in the left column (bottom of the screen).
  3. Click “Create a new group.”
  4. Choose an explicit group name. This name must be unique.
  5. You can enter a description that will inform members about the purpose of this group and / or its content.
  6. Click “Save” to create the group.

It’s not over yet, because at this moment your group has no members or data.

create a group

Step 2: Invite members

  1. Click “Invite.
  2. Select the members of the contacts: existing group members, private contacts, or group contacts. If future members do not appear in the contacts, create them by clicking “Create a new contact.”
  3. Members receive an invitation by email. They must accept the invitation to join the group.
  4. People who have accepted the invitation appear in the group members list.

To send a reminder to people who did not respond to the invitation, go to the pending invitations section and choose “send back” under “Actions” for that person.

Step 3: Content and Access Rights

The creation of the group leads to the creation of the tools of the group, that is, their own documents, calendar, contacts, etc.
The group administrator is the only one authorized to add content to group tools at this time.

  • For each tool, create the folder structure, if necessary.
  • Add data to the group.
  • Default access rights means that group members can see all shared folders and data in the group, but can not add or delete anything.
  • You can change this default value and configure the access rights according to your needs. You can find detailed help on access rights in our online help.

How do I access my Mailfence group spaces?

To access the space of your Mailfence groups:

  1. Go to the tool of your choice: Calendar, Documents, Contacts.
  2. Select the group name in the context selector, whose default value is “private.”
  3. You can now see all group data shared with all other members of the group.

access to Mailfence spaces

Presence and group chat

O Mailfence também oferece a oportunidade de conversar com outros membros do grupo. Esse recurso é baseado no protocolo Jabber / XMPP.

Para acessar este bate-papo e a lista de membros do grupo com quem você pode bater papo, clique no pequeno ponto verde (cliente de bate-papo) na parte inferior direita da tela, que mostra quantos membros do grupo estão on-line. você.

Para mais informações sobre nosso recurso de bate-papo, seus recursos e limitações, consulte nossa ajuda on-line.

Participe de nossa luta pela privacidade on-line e pela liberdade digital. (link em inglês)

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