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Mailfence Release Notes November 2020

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We’re happy to present the Mailfence Release Notes November 2020 with several improvements, and fixes.

Improvements in Release Notes November 2020

  • Messages:
    • Issue when turning draft into a template is now fixed.
    • Instead of showing empty To field, ‘undisclosed-recipients’ is displayed if all recipients are BCC’ed.
    • A confirmation prompt is now used to avoid accidental deletions of draft messages.
    • Pasting text into To/CC/BCC field is now improved.
    • Handling UTF-8 content in HTML messages is now improved.
    • Attachment name containing characters with accents can now be removed.
    • Threads: Conversation now includes the base or next message (after the base message).
    • We enforce DMARC policy of sender domain.
    • IMAP Server: Improvement of synchronization of read/unread status of messages.
    • IMAP Server: Improvement of moving messages function.
  • Contacts:
    • Save contact: First/last names are now extracted from e-mail address.
  • Documents:
    • External storage: Google drive: Fix of base folder access bug.

Even more improvements

  • Calendar:
    • Calendar grid: Reference to pm/am is now corrected for noon/mid-night time.
    • Printing function improvement.
    • Meeting icon is now displayed after creating a new meeting.
    • Accepting meeting from participant (when more than two exists), the prompt of notifying other participants is now removed.
    • Import: vCard: Birthday with no year is now imported (along with other improvements)
    • Import: vCard: FirstName was imported as LastName, if LastName is not present.
    • Issue with creating a recurrent event in a group member calendar is now fixed.
    • Calendar by SMS (agenda of the day) includes timezone defined in account Settings.
    • vCalendar/CalDAV: TimeZone handling of recurrent events improvement.
  • Settings:
    • Folder name: Sort order issue for accented folder is fixed.
    • Payment: Receipts were not accessible if accounts reverts to Free plan.
    • Custom domain DNS entries validation improvement (ownership/MX/SPF/DMARC).
    • Administration of users: Issues with primary address modification time is fixed.
    • More options ‘…’ button is now visible on initial load.
  • Mobile app (installation steps):
    • Messages: Every major feature of the regular desktop version is implemented, including support for OpenPGP-encrypted and Password encrypted email sending and receiving.
    • Calendar: Private and group calendars are implemented. There is a monthly calendar view where each day can be viewed separately. A list view of all events of a given month is also available. Support for meetings and recurring events are due shortly.
    • Documents: Fully supported.
    • Contacts: Fully supported.
    • Settings: Preferences currently still need to be set in web-interface and cannot be modified on the mobile version yet (WIP).

Version for Release Notes November 2020

  • Backend release 4.8.012.
  • Frontend release 2.7.018.

Check our previous Release Notes and feel free to report any found bugs/queries/suggestions to support (at)

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– Mailfence team

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