Mailfence Release Notes March 2018

We’re happy to present the Mailfence Release Notes March 2018 with several new features, improvements and fixes.

New Features

  • Messages: whitelisting sender addresses or domains is now available to paying accounts. Note: emails containing a virus are discarded anyway
  • Documents: text files can be viewed within the application
  • 2FA: backup recovery code usage notification are sent to both user’s internal & external (password recovery/notification) email addresses
  • New payments options: Litecoin


  • Messages: when replying/forwarding a message, original CID resources are kept and images do not disappear
  • Messages preferences: default font being displayed twice has been fixed
  • Shared mailbox: losing the context while opening a message in a separate window has been fixed
  • IMAP server: fix related to storing empty messages (breaking some IMAP clients) has been fixed
  • vCalendar, CalDAV: fix to invalid UTC datetime representation
  • Calendar, Security: XSS protection on some events attributes (solves UTF-8 issues as well…) has been added
  • Polls: participants with 2FA enabled and no active session can answer to polls
  • WebDAV server: improvements in connections established using Windows clients
  • WebDAV server: wrong (generic) MIME type when adding an OpenOffice file has been fixed
  • ActiveSync: wrong recipient display of names in Outlook 2013 has been fixed
  • ActiveSync: missing meeting organizer data in meeting participation has been fixed
  • SMTP server: reception of promotional emails has been improved
  • OpenPGP: detection of OpenPGP public key attachment types in incoming emails has been improved
  • OpenPGP: a passphrase can be set on unencrypted keypairs using Mailfence web interface
  • Calendar: layer color being changed while updating a layer event has been fixed
  • Calendar: event reminders in a group are now deactivated
  • Calendar: the issue of participants being ignored (none are invited) when one participant calendar is full has been fixed
  • Messages: email address(es) in ‘Cc’ are kept while drafting a message
  • Messages: large message signatures are supported
  • Calendar meeting invitations: the invitee will be restricted to not invite other participants and no such suggestions will be displayed to meeting participants
  • Images: some corrupted thumbnails have been fixed
  • Contacts: error message while trying to add a contact directly via the From field of a message has been fixed
  • Groups: selection of email addresses in search results has been improved
  • Hot-keys: shift-TAB works to go to the previous field while composing a message

Extra notes

  • An ‘XSS’ vulnerability in message body was fixed immediately after it got reported by Sabri Haddouche back in November-2017. We thank him for notifying us.
  • A remote content blocking bypass was fixed immediately after it got reported by Jens Mueller back in February-2018. Full details can be found in this blogpost. We thank him for notifying us.

Version for Release Notes March 2018

  • Backend release 4.6.011

Check our previous Release Notes and feel free to report any found bugs/queries/suggestions to support (at)

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6 Responses

  1. Etienne says:

    Good to have the whitelist option.
    I noticed when I turn on to whitelist ALL, I get more spam in my inbox (bad!) but also mails I never received before (good!).
    When I turn off whitelist ALL, I don’t see spam (good!), but I also loose some other mails I do want to receive (bad!).
    Instead of adding all those domains individually, I would like to see (the possibility at least) that when I turn off whitelist ALL, that the all those mails that the system thinks are spam end up in the spam folder instead of being discarded automatically. In that case those emails are at the least visible to me.

    • Dear Etienne,

      In cases where you are receiving spam in your inbox, under White-listing ‘all’ enabled – the message ‘filters’ can assist you in this regard to fine-tune your message reception.
      OR If you have a good overview of specific messages by now that you would want to receive, then you can white-list specific sender addresses/domains etc to prevent unwanted spam.

      However, the possibility of receiving white-listed messages while white-listing is turned off is currently not feasible.

      Kind regards,
      Mailfence support

      • Etienne says:

        Filters is an option. Would be nice then to have an option when you click or right click on a mail in webmail to be able to add a filter to it. I can click it and mark it as spam, but does the system then learn it is spam in the future?

  2. Is it possible to add an entire top level domain, e.g. .dk by writing dk in the whitelist?
    As a dane I get a lot of email from that top domain but very little spam.

    • Patrick De Schutter says:

      Hello Simon,

      Presently it is not possible, but I have asked our team to allow for .tld whitelisting.
      Will be available at next update. Check out our next release notes.


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