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Mailfence: Notas de la versión de marzo 2018

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We’re happy to present the Mailfence Release Notes March 2018 with several new features, improvements and fixes.

Mailfence - Obtenga su email seguro y gratuito.

4,1 basado en 177 opiniones de usuarios

Mailfence - Obtenga su email seguro y gratuito.

4.1 basado en 177 opiniones de usuarios

New Features

  • Messages: whitelisting sender addresses or domains is now available to paying accounts. Note: emails containing a virus are discarded anyway.
  • Documents: text files can be viewed within the application.
  • 2FA: backup recovery code usage notification are sent to both user’s internal & external (password recovery/notification) email addresses.
  • New payments options: Litecoin.


  • Messages: when replying/forwarding a message, original CID resources are kept and images do not disappear.
  • Messages preferences: default font being displayed twice has been fixed.
  • Shared mailbox: losing the context while opening a message in a separate window has been fixed.
  • IMAP server: fix related to storing empty messages (breaking some IMAP clients) has been fixed.
  • vCalendar, CalDAV: fix to invalid UTC datetime representation.
  • Calendar, Security: XSS protection on some events attributes (solves UTF-8 issues as well…) has been added.
  • Polls: participants with 2FA enabled and no active session can answer to polls.
  • WebDAV server: improvements in connections established using Windows clients.
  • WebDAV server: wrong (generic) MIME type when adding an OpenOffice file has been fixed.
  • ActiveSync: wrong recipient display of names in Outlook 2013 has been fixed.
  • ActiveSync: missing meeting organizer data in meeting participation has been fixed.
  • SMTP server: reception of promotional emails has been improved.
  • OpenPGP: detection of OpenPGP public key attachment types in incoming emails has been improved.
  • OpenPGP: a passphrase can be set on unencrypted keypairs using Mailfence web interface.
  • Calendar: layer color being changed while updating a layer event has been fixed.
  • Calendar: event reminders in a group are now deactivated.
  • Calendar: the issue of participants being ignored (none are invited) when one participant calendar is full has been fixed.
  • Messages: email address(es) in ‘Cc’ are kept while drafting a message.
  • Messages: large message signatures are supported.
  • Calendar meeting invitations: the invitee will be restricted to not invite other participants and no such suggestions will be displayed to meeting participants.
  • Images: some corrupted thumbnails have been fixed.
  • Contacts: error message while trying to add a contact directly via the From field of a message has been fixed.
  • Groups: selection of email addresses in search results has been improved.
  • Hot-keys: shift-TAB works to go to the previous field while composing a message.

Extra notes

  • An ‘XSS’ vulnerability in message body was fixed immediately after it got reported by Sabri Haddouche back in November-2017. We thank him for notifying us.
  • A remote content blocking bypass was fixed immediately after it got reported by Jens Mueller back in February-2018. Full details can be found in this blogpost. We thank him for notifying us.

Version for Release Notes March 2018

  • Backend release 4.6.011

Check our previous Release Notes and feel free to report any found bugs/queries/suggestions to support (at)

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Arnaud es cofundador y CEO de Mailfence. Ha sido emprendedor en serie e inversor en startups desde 1994 y ha lanzado varias empresas pioneras en Internet, como Rendez-vous, IP Netvertising o NetMonitor. Se le considera el pionero de la publicidad en Internet en Bélgica. Puede seguir a Arnaud en este blog.

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