Encrypt email with Gmail and Outlook.com or any other provider

Mailfence is an end-to-end encrypted email solution with digital signatures that gives users full freedom and control over their key management. However, how to encrypt email with your other email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook.com? What if they do not provide encryption features?

We will show you how you can take advantage of the Mailfence webmail to:

  • send emails (encrypted or not) with the sender address of any of your other providers
  • read emails (encrypted or not) sent to your other providers’ addresses

In fact, how to operate all your email addresses, simply using one web interface: Mailfence.

Encrypt/decrypt email for other email accounts

Mailfence webmail includes an IMAP client, allowing to view the mailboxes of other email services that provide an IMAP(S) access.

Once an external mailbox is mapped into your Mailfence account, you will be able to read emails sent to this provider, included the OpenPGP encrypted ones that you might probably not be able to decrypt otherwise.

Furthermore, you will be able to send emails using the address of this mailbox as a sender address. You can also send those emails encrypted/signed. To encrypt email with this existing email account, you first need to make sure you have an OpenPGP keypair attached to it. More info can be found here.

Check this KB article to get detailed steps.

In addition, the deliverability of sent emails may be inferior due to potential SPF and DKIM policy checks.

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