Mailfence Release Notes March 2024

mailfence release notes

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We’re happy to present the Mailfence Release Notes for March 2024 with several improvements and fixes.

Release Notes: New Features

  • The search function mechanism has been completely redesigned and is much more accurate and powerful.
  • Mailfence iOS and Android apps now support:
    • Password-based email encryption.
    • OpenPGP-based email encryption.
    • OpenPGP-based signature generation and verification for emails.


The Mailfence Release Notes for March 2024 include the following improvements:

  • Messages:
    • Processing of MIME parts in Encrypted message forwarding is improved.
  • Documents
    • WebDAV Server: Encoding of folder names with non-ASCII characters is improved.
  • Contacts
    • Google contacts import: Error on empty list is fixed.
  • Others
    • Handling of SMS messages processing is improved.
    • Issue of receiving multiple payment notifications under specific conditions is addressed and overall efficiency of payment processing is enhanced.
    • The new global and tool-specific search function is improved, with deployment currently underway.
    • Various security improvements have been made.

Mobile app

Regarding the Mobile app, the Mailfence Release Notes include the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Issue regarding recipients auto-fill for the “Reply to all” action is fixed.
  • Mailfence can now be set as the default mail app for Android devices.
  • Issue affecting users with FaceID enabled, preventing the retrieval of passphrases from the KeyChain on iOS devices, is fixed.
  • Issue with attachment upload on Android v13+ is fixed.
  • Display of OpenPGP keys is improved.
  • Improvements to the message composer/editor are made.
  • Miscellaneous improvements are made to visuals and performance.

Mobile screen app (PWA)

  • The new global and tool-specific search function is now supported, with deployment currently underway.

Extra comments regarding Mailfence Release Notes March 2024

  • Documents that have been in the trash for more than 30 days are now automatically deleted.


  • Backend release 4.9.004g,
  • Frontend release 2.8.018,
  • Mobile App release 1.3.0
  • PWA release 1.1.025.

Check our previous Mailfence Release Notes and feel free to report any found bugs/queries/suggestions, related to our release notes March 2024, to support[at]mailfence[dot]com.

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