6 astuces pour protéger votre vie privée en ligne

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear? Privacy protection online is not as simple as it seems. Indeed, some internet service providers are tracing you and reselling your profiles to get you bombarded with advertisements. Other disadvantages also exist. Online stalkers, hackers and intelligence agencies constantly interfere in your privacy without you being aware of it. In other words, they make you believe that everything is fine, that you do not have to be suspicious, but in reality, the mass collection of personal information is indeed a reality.

Here are some practical steps that will help you protect your online privacy and reduce your digital footprint.

  • Know your alternatives. Before you buy an Internet-connected object, download an application, or sign up for an online account, evaluate the information you are being asked for. Define whether you feel comfortable providing this information.
  • Check the privacy settings of your account. Take a look at your social networking tools, online shopping services, banking services, online games and more. Check privacy settings and policies regarding privacy protection. Modify as needed to reduce unnecessary exposure.
  • Do a spring cleaning. Check all your accounts online and, if you do not need them anymore or have not been used for some time, delete them altogether. You can also limit / reduce the information on it.
  • Avoid giving information that could be divulged to any wind. Take a look at « Terms and Conditions » before accepting them. Ask yourself frankly whether you do not expose too much personal items unnecessarily.
  • Use the services that anonymize your activity on the Internet Use Tor, DuckDuckGo, disconnect.me … that allow you to reduce the traceability of your actions on the Internet.
  • Protect your device. Choose strong passwords. Do not follow bad habits for passwords .

Learn about privacy tools and retrieve your privacy online .

To summarize things:

protect your privacy

Privacy is a right, protect it!

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