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We are thrilled to announce the Mailfence Affiliate Program. Mailfence strongly believes in privacy and has been fighting for it for many years. Today, Mailfence is taking the next big step in its on-going fight for privacy by announcing its affiliation program.

Mailfence - Get your free, secure email today.

4.1 based on 177 user reviews

Mailfence - Get your free, secure email today.

4.1 based on 177 user reviews

An affiliation program meant for greatness

To begin with, the Mailfence affiliate program is meant to bolster the fight for privacy by choosing quality partners and rewarding them for promoting one of the world’s most secure and private email service provider. Who is eligible for this? Bloggers who believe that privacy is a right and not a feature. In addition, tech privacy reviewers (Email services, VPNs, etc) would certainly benefit from the Mailfence affiliate program.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to understand that your privacy is continuously being trampled upon. That’s why we took this initiative to make sure that it does never happen again, while you help steer the fight for privacy you will be rewarded via commission.

Working with like-minded individuals is essential to the fight for online privacy and comes natural to us. Mailfence is not just an individual service, but part of a worldwide movement to regain online privacy. Join our fight. Encrypt everything!

Protect your privacy and the privacy of our viewers by signing up to the affiliation program. You are guaranteed to earn the favor of your audience by providing them with a transparent and privacy-conscious email provider like Mailfence. In the meantime, we get more exposure so that more individuals can use our seamless encryption methods and our integrated features.

Why join the affiliate program?

  • Contribute to the fight for privacy. We donate 15% of all the Ultra revenues to the fight for digital rights.
  • Earn commissions on revenues generated by your users.
  • Get a free upgrade to an Entry account.
  • Get invited to our beta previews of new features.

Where to get started?

Whether you are just looking to refer a couple of friends or just promote us to your audience, Mailfence has got you covered.

  1. Signup for the Mailfence affiliate program: Drop us a mail with a link to your site to:
  2. Agree to our terms
  3. Get links and promo material and start promoting Mailfence
  4. Get your commission for every purchase.

How does it work exactly?

The Mailfence Affiliate program is not just another affiliate program, through this program, you can become a partner, and we treat partners with respect and utmost honesty and transparency. You will get a commission whenever one of your viewers subscribes to one of our payment plans. If someone subscribes to a free Mailfence subscription and then, later on, he/she subscribes to a paying plan you still get your commission.

Signing up can be done in a jiffy. Once you are approved you can start earning from day one. Learn more about Mailfence on our press page.

Follow us on Twitter/Reddit and keep yourself posted at all times.

Reclaim your email privacy.
Create your free and secure email today.
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Patrick De Schutter

Patrick is the co-founder of Mailfence. He's a serial entrepreneur and startup investor since 1994 and launched several pioneering internet companies such as Allmansland, IP Netvertising or He is a strong believer and advocate of encryption and privacy. You can follow @pdeschutter on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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