Thoughts on online privacy

Thoughts on online privacy

Patrich de Schutter is a typical serial entrepreneur that gives us a good overview on online privacy. He founded Allmansland, one of the first web agencies in Belgium back in 1994; A couple of years later he co-launched IP Netvertising, the first ad-sales house in Belgiun, which later sold to RTL; In addition, he also took part in a number of successful ventures, including, Belgium’s first ever dating site, and the only independent business news site in Belgium.

Recent years, he’s co-founded ContactOffice, a virtual office software, and mailfence, a secure and private email suite, while devoting himself to fighting internet privacy violation and for improving the safety of users in Belgium and world-wide.

In this interview, he tells us his thoughts on online privacy, international law, personal privacy and everything in between…

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