Mailfence Release Notes September 2018

We’re happy to present the Mailfence Release Notes September 2018 with several new features, improvements and fixes.

New Features

  • Messages: ‘Reply’ and ‘Reply to all’ options are now available for sent items.
  • Messages: ‘Forward’ option is now available for sent items.
  • Calendar, Contacts: Contact Birthday date now links to the Calendar as an event.


  • Messages: Decoding of message subject header is now improved.
  • Messages: Text font color change issues affecting Edge and Firefox browsers are now fixed.
  • Messages: Filters: ‘Set tags’ operation now applies to all defined actions.
  • Messages: Handling of CSS properties in message with active content is now improved.
  • Messages: Attachments can now be downloaded in mobile platforms.
  • Messages: SMTP server: Connection issues with Local email client: Geary is now fixed.
  • Messages: IMAP server: Outlook: Flagged messages can now be unflagged.
  • Messages: ActiveSync: Users can now create a top-level folder.
  • Documents: WebDAV: Document rights/ownership after using Office 2016 save operation will be retained.
  • Calendar: Issues with RRULE (recurrence rules) in calendar events are now fixed.
  • Calendar: Calendar events in all week views (i.e., week, working week, next 7 days) is now improved.
  • Calendar: Users can now create calendar events directly from text/calendar based messages.
  • Calendar: Reloading the app now displays meeting invitations and polls in Edge browser.
  • Calendar: External calendars: Sync view is now improved.
  • Calendar: vCalendar: Outputting a date-time is now improved.
  • Calendar: vCalendar import: Empty tag/category names or tag/category names having special characters will now be discarded, while importing the actual Calendar event.
  • Calendar: CalDAV: Resource is now labelled with calendar owner’s name.
  • Contact: Encoding issue of First/Last name with apostrophe is fixed.
  • Contact: Wrong birthday date issues are now fixed.
  • Contact: vCard, CSV, MS Outlook: Contacts import process is now improved.
  • Contact: ActiveSync: Birthday date synchronize issue is now fixed.
  • Contact: CardDAV: Resource is now labelled with contact owner’s name.
  • Account registration: Offered pre-loaded list of internal email address is now improved.
  • Various security improvements have been made as well.

Extra notes

  • An information disclosure bug on Mailfence Blog was fixed immediately after it got reported by Prashant BS. We thank him for notifying us.

Version for Release Notes September 2018

  • Backend release 4.6.024

Check our previous Release Notes and feel free to report any found bugs/queries/suggestions to support (at)

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5 Responses

  1. MCS says:

    Great update!

  2. SwordGreen says:

    Calendar: Users can now create calendar events directly from text/calendar based messages.
    What does this mean? Can I add an calendar event by sending an e-mail to my e-mail account?

    • Mailfence Team says:


      Inbound emails with calendar event (attachment) file can now be added directly to your calendar.

      Other then that, you can always invite anyone to your Mailfence calendar event by adding participants to it.

      Kind regards,

      Mailfence support

  3. vipul sharma says:

    Hi Team,

    Any updates on the ongoing issues with active-sync issue, Wherein the client is having an invalid sync key problem ?

    This is hugely affecting BlackBerry-Keyone users & Anyone using BlackBerry HUB – Kindly suggest, If this has been resolved.

    • Mailfence Team says:


      The issue is still open in our BTS, and being investigated upon.

      You will have to continue keeping an eye on our Release notes to get further status on this.

      Will remain at your disposal.

      Kind regards,
      Mailfence support

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