Mailfence Release Notes July 2022

Release Notes July 2022

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Release Notes July 2022

We’re happy to present the Mailfence Release Notes July 2022 with several improvements, and fixes.

New Features

  • Dark display mode for desktop version of web interface.
  • File previewer on web for email attachments and documents.
  • Account connections history, available on desktop version of web interface.


  • Messages:
    • Sending: Issue of DKIM signing related to domain case-sensitivity is fixed.
    • Composer: From field drop down: Scroll function is added to the list.
    • Read pane: Issue of few emails appearing in bold characters is fixed.
    • More actions (three dots): Menu vanishing, after folder Drag and Drop action, is fixed.
    • Bug related to processing .pdf attachment in specific browsers is fixed.
    • Mailbox full notifications are now also sent to both: account primary and reset/notification address.
  • Calendars:
    • Simple search now takes the group environment into account.
    • .ics attachments are now included back in event invitation/modification emails.
  • Contacts:
    • Import from Google: Inconsistent mapping of fields with work or home property is fixed.
    • Issue with check function for contact data, related to adding/modifying email addresses, is fixed.
  • Settings:
    • Groups: Access rights: Members list: Search function: Now shows a message when no result is found and user can make another search query immediately.
    • OpenPGP: Issue of failed keypair passphrase change, when user ID contains special characters, is fixed.
    • OpenPGP: Key lookup: Issue of never ending loading icon upon clicking on Search button is fixed.
    • Homepage (dashboard): Hide function is now supported for group news.
  • Groups: Chat: Issue of Offline status not persisting is fixed.
  • Option to access Help material from main navigation is added.
  • Increased usability of account registration and password lost functions.
  • Various security improvements have been made.

Mobile screen app (PWA)

  • Login page: Link to password lost function is included.
  • App (hamburger) menu: Link to desktop version is included.
  • iOS Browsers: Compatibility between sign-in fields and password managers is improved.
  • Handling of rich-text is improved.

Extra notes regarding Release Notes July 2022

  • Announcement: Google only provides access to its POP and IMAP servers through verified applications. In case of cloud applications, this includes obtaining a letter of assessment from Google empanelled security assessors on an annual basis – price of which is simply out of reach for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Therefore, we have dropped support of POP/IMAP (external address) connections to Google servers.


  • Backend release 4.8.047h.
  • Frontend release 2.8.008.
  • PWA release 1.1.020.

Check our previous Release Notes and feel free to report any found bugs/queries/suggestions, related to our release notes July 2022, to support[at]mailfence[dot]com.

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Arnaud is the co-founder and CEO of Mailfence. He's been a serial entrepreneur and startup investor since 1994 and launched several pioneering internet companies such as Rendez-vous, IP Netvertising or NetMonitor. He is regarded as the internet advertising pioneer of Belgium. You can follow Arnaud on this blog.

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