Mailfence Release Notes July 2023

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We’re happy to present the Mailfence Release Notes July 2023 with several improvements, and fixes.

Mailfence - Get your free, secure email today.

4.1 based on 177 user reviews

Mailfence - Get your free, secure email today.

4.1 based on 177 user reviews

New Features

  • Mailfence short domain name ( is released.
  • iOS mobile app Alpha release (invitation only).
  • Calendars: Search function: Users can now search events by tag.
  • Contacts: CardDAV: Nickname field is now supported.


  • Messages:
    • Improvement in messages list loading in large volume mailboxes.
    • Email read pane: Open in new window: Print error is fixed.
    • Reply/Forward: The quoted time is now based on account timezone set by user.
    • Drop folder: Notification email content is improved.
    • Advanced search: Result is displayed in chronological order when search is made using tags.
    • Out-of-message: The mechanism of not sending multiple messages to the same recipient is improved.
    • Custom domain: Issue of email reception at postmaster address is fixed.
    • IMAP Server: Limits are better imposed.
    • IMAP server: Handling of a large read, add and copy operations are improved.
    • External addresses: IMAP: Search error is fixed.
  • Documents:
    • Editor: Text files are no longer editable by group members with no access rights.
    • External editor: Save operation bug is fixed.
    • WebDAV: Search function is improved.
  • Calendars:
    • Processing of recurring events is improved.
    • Search error is fixed and date representation in results is improved.
    • Import: All day events and Tags processing are improved.
  • Group:
    • Chat: Initialization error is fixed.
  • Settings:
    • Process of removing message signature upon removal of corresponding email address is improved.
    • Visualization: Items are reordered.
    • Account: General: New time-zones are added.
    • Subscription: Manual renewal is now possible in case auto-renewal fails.
    • Subscription: Handling of payment by credit card is improved.
    • Subscriptions/Provision: Reporting of payment related errors is improved.
    • Subscriptions/Provision: Payment mode is now included in payment receipt.
    • Custom domain: DNS record validation function is improved to better handle DNS errors.
    • Security: Connections history: Entries are now timestamped using account timezone.
    • Administration: User creation: Representation of subscription and domain names are improved.
  • Webmail (UI/UX): Scrolling function is added to Custom domain, Filters, Aliases and Sender addresses lists.
  • Account registration wizard is improved.
  • Various security improvements have been made.

Mobile screen app (PWA)

  • Several improvements in interface texts (in all languages).
  • Encoding issue of special characters in account credentials is fixed.

Extra notes regarding Release Notes July 2023

  • Announcement: Accounts deactivated due to inactivity can now be re-activated by owner using the payment wizard. Requests sent to support are no longer handled.


  • Backend release 4.8.061b.
  • Frontend release 2.8.015b.
  • PWA release 1.1.023.

Check our previous Release Notes and feel free to report any found bugs/queries/suggestions, related to our release notes July 2023, to support[at]mailfence[dot]com.

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