Mailfence Release Notes December 2023

mailfence release notes december 2023

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We’re happy to present the Mailfence Release Notes for December 2023 with several improvements and fixes.

Mailfence iOS app features in Mailfence release notes for December 2023
Mailfence iOS app

Release Notes: New Features

  • Mailfence iOS and Android apps are released (read more):
    • Users can also Sign Up using the app,
    • Password reset option is available in the app,
    • Push notifications are supported for new email messages.
  • Custom domain adding wizard is revamped: DNS entries validation criterion, error-reporting and visualization are upgraded. You can now set catchall without contacting support.
  • Users can now replace primary address with an alias address.


The Mailfence Release Notes for December 2023 include the following improvements:

  • Messages:
    • Handling of Reply-To address while replying to a message is improved.
    • Unread messages banner message tooltip is now correctly formatted.
  • Calendar:
    • Auto-detection of URL’s in location and description is improved.
  • Others:
    • Both global and tool-specific search query coverage and reporting is improved. Deployment is being rolled out.
    • Faulty actions (move, edit) from search results are now fixed.
    • Various security improvements have been made.

Mobile app

Regarding the Mobile app, the Mailfence Release Notes include the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed the issue where, upon opening a notification, the app wouldn’t automatically navigate to the related message, even if the app was completely closed.
  • Resolved the display issue of the ‘Decrypt Message’ button in light mode.
  • Fixed a bug where users sometimes received an error message while trying to decrypt a message.
  • Corrected the issue preventing proper copying of calendar attachments to the device.
  • Eliminated unnecessary syncing of the user’s device notification token with the back-end.
  • Addressed the issue where deleting all messages in a folder did not trigger a proper fetch of subsequent messages.
  • iOS: Implemented a tentative fix for the issue where an empty space appears in the list after deleting a message with a swipe motion.
  • Android: Resolved the problem where opening the app via a notification sometimes displayed an error message.
  • Android: Fixed the layout issue in the search function.
  • Android: Corrected the issue with the app’s icon not being properly displayed in notifications.
  • Default sender address is now automatically selected.
  • OpenPGP key passphrases will be stored in memory (as long as the app is open) if user has not enabled any type of biometry.
  • Display of messages in the “Sent” and “Drafts” folders is improved.
  • Improvements to the “Reply”, “Reply all”, and “Reply with template” actions for “Sent” messages are made.
  • Miscellaneous improvements are made to visuals and translations.

Extra comments regarding Mailfence Release Notes December 2023

  • To avoid inconsistencies – users managed through admin console are no longer able to self-upgrade their account, they should contact customer admin. Moreover, non-admin users are prevented from creating/deleting aliases based on a custom domain that they do not own.
  • To prevent abuses and spams, incoming emails from MTAs with no DNS PTR record are rejected and blacklisted.
  • An old contact check/validation function is deprecated, following reception of security bugs reported by Husnain Iqbal, we thank the reporter for notifying us.


  • Backend release 4.9.003a.
  • Frontend release 2.8.016.
  • Mobile App release 1.1.0.

Check our previous Mailfence Release Notes and feel free to report any found bugs/queries/suggestions, related to our release notes December 2023, to support[at]mailfence[dot]com.

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