Author: M Salman Nadeem

tips to back up your data securely

Tips to backup your data securely

Protecting our digital data by backing it up has become essential in light of modern-day cyber security threats (Ransomware, …). In this blogpost, we will discuss tips to backup your...

Mailfence Digital Signature

OpenPGP digital signature best practices

In a recent post, we discussed the OpenPGP encryption best practices. Digital signatures on the other hand are also a vital part of OpenPGP which gets used both by advanced and entry level users....

meilleures pratiques de cryptage OpenPGP

OpenPGP encryption best practices

Strong encryption is no longer a privilege of geeks and paranoids, but is becoming mainstream. However, true end-to-end encryption is not out-of-the-box and generally requires you to activate a number of...