Addressing your Feedback: An Anti-Spam Update

feedback on anti-spam

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Protecting our users against spam, scams, and malware is at the top of our agenda.

And as a private and secure email solution, we are responsible for upholding the highest security standards.

This is why having a safe and robust anti-spam is of utmost importance. However, our community has made us aware of issues over the past months, which we would like to address here.

Emails Landing in your Spam Folder

In January 2024, we decided to strengthen our anti-spam filtering parameters. This was in response to a wave of spam emails being received by our users. As part of our commitment to a safe and secure email solution, it is our responsibility to protect your Inbox from unsolicited messaging, or worse, social engineering attacks.

However, in the following months, some users have made us aware of emails landing in their spam folder erroneously. In some rare cases, emails appeared to not reach the user’s Inbox entirely.

We have studied each case individually and would like to confirm that this only happened with emails that were badly formatted or had issues with DKIM signatures sent by bulk providers.

One such example included notification/confirmation emails sent by Discord which were badly formatted on the sender side. This specific case and similar ones have now been addressed and fixed.

However, we would like to reiterate that this is never an issue with emails sent by humans from a reputable sender server/provider. So you can be assured that you will never miss an email from a friend or colleague.

Whitelist function

In most cases, suspicious emails arrive in your spam folder. Our Whitelist function then allows you to Whitelist the sender.

To Whitelist a specific email address or domain, navigate to Settings > Messages > Whitelist > Add email or domain:

Accessing the Whitelist function
Accessing the Whitelist function

To learn more about our Whitelisting features, check out this guide here.

Actions We Are Taking

As part of our commitment to a more safe and secure Internet, we are constantly reviewing our various security measures.

We have therefore been reviewing our spam strategy and have implemented the following changes:

  1. We have lowered the threshold so that extremely badly formatted emails still arrive in the spam folder, and are not rejected entirely.
  2. We have implemented several hard exceptions for providers that caused too many issues.
  3. We have increased the number of emails you can manually Whitelist for our Entry, Pro, and Ultra plans. For all the details per plan, check out this guide here.

In case you suspect an email is not reaching your Inbox, we advise you to follow these steps:

  1. Have a look in the spam folder.
  2. Deactivate the spam filtering in Settings > Messages > White list.
  3. Set your well-known domains in the Whitelist.
  4. In case you do not find the email, please send us an email at with the exact hour and date + timezone, and sender domain, so we can investigate in our logs.

We also suggest you consult the following guides in our Knowledge Base:

Closing Words

Protecting our users against spams, scams and malware is at the top of our agenda and is (unfortunately) a continuous fight. We understand the frustration of some users, and understand that receiving your emails is the most important aspect of a private and secure email solution.

With these new measure, we are now confident that you will now never miss an email.

We remain at your service and work in order to deliver the safest, most private email service. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us through our social media accounts or at

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