Email security and privacy awareness course

Email security and privacy course

Achieving online privacy and security is not an easy feat, so that’s why we created this email security and privacy course to enrich the learning and awareness of our users. For that reason, we made a content-based course by putting together all the important and related aspects of email security and privacy. The entire course […]

Mailfence Release Notes March 2024

mailfence release notes

We’re happy to present the Mailfence Release Notes for March 2024 with several improvements and fixes. Release Notes: New Features Improvements The Mailfence Release Notes for March 2024 include the following improvements: Mobile app Regarding the Mobile app, the Mailfence Release Notes include the following bug fixes and improvements: Mobile screen app (PWA) Extra comments […]

Introducing Mailfence Base plan: Perfect for individuals and families

base subscription

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest subscription plan – the Mailfence Base Plan. This plan is tailored specifically to meet the needs of individuals and families. At Mailfence, we’re constantly striving to make our services accessible to everyone. This new plan is designed with affordability and flexibility in mind. In this guide, […]

Introducing Encryption to our Mailfence Mobile App

We are very happy to announce that some major new features are now available in our Mailfence mobile app, including OpenPGP encryption, symmetric encryption, and more. You can check the full release notes of this new version here. Download the latest version on the Google PlayStore here or on the AppStore here. Mailfence Mobile App […]

What is an Email Thread and When You Should Start One?

what is an email thread

It’s effortless for your email inbox to get cluttered, making it hard to find a specific conversation or keep track of a topic. This is especially true if you communicate with more than one person about a project. However, you can group these emails into an email thread to keep them organized and ensure the […]

How to Migrate your Skiff Account to Mailfence in 4 Easy Steps

Como migrar a sua conta Skiff para o Mailfence

Are you looking for a way to migrate your Skiff account? You are not the only one. On Feb 9th, Notion announced its purchase of Skiff. Users were shocked to hear that Skiff accounts would not be transferred to Notion accounts. Furthermore, the company will shut down all Skiff products in just 6 months. So […]

Password vs Passphrase: Which One Is Right For YOU? 🤔

password vs passphrase

A password vs a passphrase: do you know the difference? And more importantly, do you know when to use one or the other? Choosing the right authentication method is crucial to safeguarding your personal information. And one of the first decisions you face is whether to use a traditional password or a passphrase. So in […]

How to Encrypt a File Like a Pro: 5 Easy Methods

Como criptografar um arquivo

Knowing how to encrypt a file is such an underrated skill to have. Not only does encrypting your files protect your sensitive data from cybersecurity breaches. It also protects your right to privacy. So, in this article, we are going to outline the following: If you want to get started today, create your free Mailfence […]

CSA Regulation Open Letter: NO to Client-Side Scanning!

CSA regulation

Today, Mailfence and other privacy-first companies publish their Open Letter regarding the proposal for a regulation on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). Here below is the joint letter initiated by Tuta, which Mailfence and other privacy-focused companies co-signed. Open letter to EU Member States on the proposed CSA Regulation “Dear Ministers of the Interior, Justice, and […]

6 Essential GDPR Compliance Best Practices for Email Security – by Captain Compliance

6 práticas de segurança de e-mail essenciais para conformidade com a RGPD

Introduced in 2018, GDPR compliance is still something many companies battle with. More specifically, the handling of emails plays a vital role in digital privacy and security. GDPR significantly impacts the handling and sharing of personal information through email. It also makes email security a legal responsibility under the regulation. Failure to comply with GDPR […]

How to Know if Your Phone is Hacked? 7 Signs to Watch Out For

Wie Sie erkennen, ob Ihr Handy gehackt wurde

Do you want to know if your phone has been hacked? Maybe your phone has been acting strange lately. Or maybe you just want to prevent your phone to be hacked in the future. Whatever the case is, this article will guide you through everything you need to know. Specifically, we will cover: Let’s explore. […]