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President Vladimir Putin launched a military assault against Ukraine to protect, he says, civilians in the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. Countries across the globe have appealed to stop the invasion of Ukraine and have imposed the strongest sanctions ever against Russia. Despite this global condemnation, fighting goes on and civilian casualties increase.

We would like to share our sense of deep shock at the distressing scenes unfolding. This is a dangerous moment for Ukraine, for Europe and for democratic values everywhere.

Mailfence’s mission is to create a secure email solution and to protect the online privacy of its users against surveillance and oppressive regimes. 

The present conflict is of extreme violence and is including cyber-warfare techniques such as the bringing down of internet infrastructure, websites and electronic communication services.  In this context, we have taken the decision to offer our secure email solution for free to any humanitarian organization in the region that fights for freedom, peace and humanity.

We invite humanitarian organizations to contact us in order to get access to free encrypted email accounts for their users. Please, contact us and explain in short your role as a humanitarian organization. We will assist you in setting up a free reliable way to safely communicate.

Mailfence disapproves of any kind of hate and violence, as well as anything that radically contradicts our corporate values. Our thoughts are with all the people of Ukraine and Russia that are fighting for peace and freedom. We hope for an early resolution of this conflict.

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Patrick is the co-founder of Mailfence. He's a serial entrepreneur and startup investor since 1994 and launched several pioneering internet companies such as Allmansland, IP Netvertising or He is a strong believer and advocate of encryption and privacy. You can follow @pdeschutter on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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