Mailfence Release Notes May 2017

We’re happy to announce a new Mailfence Release Notes with several new features and improvements.

New features

  • Mail : Alias self-provisioning and management. Go to Settings -> Messages – > Aliases [for paying accounts]
  • Mail : Users can mark spam message as ‘Not a spam’.
  • OpenPGP: Public key search on public key servers displays revoked and/or expired public keys in explicit manner along with their fingerprint.
  • OpenPGP: The comment ‘This is a revocation certificate’ appears by default in generated revocation certificates.


  • No more invalid signature on various MIME content-types.
  • OpenPGP : Encrypted messages with unusual armour header and/or other ambiguities now display an error message.
  • OpenPGP : ‘Publish on public key server’ during key-generation wizard is now unchecked by default for privacy reasons.
  • Security : we improved malicious char(s) escaping
  • Instant messaging : Selected status is now persistent. A user is connected only if member of a group.
  • Calendar: displays attachment icons.
  • Settings : we improved the way you can edit / modify user settings.


  • Frontend release 2.5.011

Check our previous Release Notes and feel free to report any found bugs/queries/suggestions to support (at)

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