Mailfence Release Notes March 2017


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We’re happy to announce a new Mailfence Release Notes with several new features and improvements.

New features

  • OpenPGP: you can now directly import the public key of your recipient in your keystore, while composing an email. The process of sending an encrypted email has just been made easier
  • OpenPGP: an extra protection against replay attack has been added.  All of your signed, signed and encrypted emails will now include ‘From’, ‘To’ and ‘Time stamp’ by default in their body. This will ensure your recipient that the digital signature on the message has not been ‘replayed’. Mailfence is the only end-to-end encrypted email solution that provide this security measure by default
  • OpenPGP: encrypted emails now shows an encryption icon in the message list panel
  • Shared mailbox: now support ‘out of office’ message


  • OpenPGP: passphrase adding/modification options has now been more coherent
  • OpenPGP: the back button navigation from keystore has now been fixed, while composing an encrypted email
  • OpenPGP: passphrase brute-force attack protection has now been improved
  • Non-mime content (text/plain) now displays space and tab characters
  • Unresponsive interface while moving a folder in it’s sub-folder has now been fixed
  • Draft saving has now been improved
  • Template saving has now been improved
  • Calendar view of upcoming events along with their reminder notifications have now been improved
  • Shared mailbox : auto-signature is now operational across your shared mailboxes
  • Calendar : declined calender invitations will now be displayed more clearly
  • Tags will now display a clean list of tagged email messages
  • Process of moving an empty and non-empty folder has now been improved
  • Process of deleting an empty and non-empty folder has now been improved
  • Unread message counter will now be displayed with more accuracy

Extra notes

  • ‘Reflected XSS’ vulnerability in tags was fixed immediately after it got reported by Alex Kordas back in February-2017. We thank him for notifying us


  • Applies to frontend release 2.5.006

Check out our previous releases and feel free to report any found bugs/queries/suggestions to support (at)

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– Mailfence Team

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