Mailfence Release Notes April 2016


After the BETA launch of our end-to-end encryption and digital signing service, we are happy to announce our new Mailfence Release Notes.

New Features

  • The passphrase can now optionally be stored for a given duration
  • Key-pair expiration date can now be set or modified
  • Passphrase can now be modified
  • A backup of your revocation certificate can now be stored in the Mailfence Documents tool


  • Improved key-generation process
  • The user can now choose which public key (if multiple ones) to send as an attachment
  • We improved the user interface of the keystore management panel

Known Issues

  • Several key synchronization issues with public key servers remains
  • A number of interoperability issues remain
  • Some UI responsiveness in terms of interactivity and acknowledgement remain to be fixed


  • Applies to frontend release 2.4.014

We are working on this now and plan to come with a new release very soon

Finally, Feel free to report any found bugs, suggestions or questions to our support: support at mailfence dot com

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Mailfence Team

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