About secure and private email service Mailfence

Who is Mailfence?

Mailfence is a secure and private mail service, that provides an end-to-end encrypted email with digital signing.   In this blog you can learn what is truly unique about Mailfence.

Mailfence is a service operated by ContactOffice Group SA.   We are not a traditional startup with a high cash burn rate but are in it for the long run. We are cautious, reliable, stable, and honest. We do serious things but with passion. We launched the company in 1999 and are among the pioneers of cloud software in Europe.  Our main business is licensing our email and collaboration application to companies and universities in Europe.

We believe that Internet privacy is an absolute and definitive right.  Online privacy matters and is just as important as offline privacy.  Some people say that the loss of privacy is the price we must pay for security.  But giving up our privacy is not nothing, it means giving up the freedoms on which democracy depends. So we decided it was high time to offer a service fully dedicated to email security and privacy.

What is unique about Mailfence?

  1.  Mailfence is a complete email suite offering tools such as a Mailfence Calendar, Mailfence Documents and Mailfence Groups.
  2. Mailfence is inter-operable with any other OpenPGP comptatible encrypted email service.
  3. All encryption operations take place in the browser making it a “true” end-to-end encrypted email solution.
  4. Mailfence integrates digital signatures.
  5. Mailfence gives full control over key management with an integrated keystore.

Join the fight for online privacy!

We believe online privacy is a right that needs to be fought for and therefore pledge to donate 15% of all revenue of the Pro plan to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the European Digital Rights Foundation that fight for the defense of our rights in the digital world.

Mailfence is not just a service, but part of a worldwide movement to regain online privacy.  Encrypt everything and Join the fight for online privacy and digital freedom.

– Mailfence Team

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