About Mailfence secure and private mail service

About Mailfence
Mailfence is a secure and private mail service, that provides a ‘pure’ and ‘interoperable’ end-to-end encrypted email service with digital signing within a complete email suite.

We believe that Internet privacy is an absolute and definitive right. So we decide it was high time to offer a service fully dedicated to your email security and privacy.

Mailfence is a service operated by ContactOffice Group sa. We are not a fancy rock’n roll style company. We try to be cautious, reliable, stable and honest. We do serious things but with fun. We launched the company in 1999 and are among the pioneers of cloud software in Europe. Our main business is licencing our email and providing collaboration application to universities in Europe.

WE BELIEVE ONLINE PRIVACY IS A RIGHT that needs to be fought for and therefore pledge to donate 15% of all incomes of the Pro plan to Electronic Frontier Foundation and to the European Digital Rights Foundation that fight for the defense of our rights in the digital world.


Join us and reclaim your email privacy !

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7 Responses

  1. susan goldstein says:

    Trying to register with mailfence. Filled out fields and when I click on “I register” nothing happens? Can you help?

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for notifying us

  3. Do you have POP and SMTP support? Does it work with Mozilla Seamonkey?

    I am really tired of email that doesn’t send, or receive, or sometimes doesn’t work at all. All the great security is no good if I cannot receive messages from my friends nor send.

  4. Csaba says:

    can I migrate my domain to mailfence? I’d like to receive mails coming ot mylastname.ml

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