Two factor authentication is now available on mailfence

Mailfence – secure and private email now supports Two-factor authentication (aka 2FA). This is a technology that provides a stronger security/identification of users by means of the combination of two different components : something that the user knows (username and password) and something that the user possesses (a Time-based One-Time Password – TOTP).


To use the two-factor authentication method, you will need to install a Time-based One-Time Password  (TOTP) application on your smartphone. This app generates a code that changes after a certain period of time.

Install a TOTP app on your smartphone :

To activate the two-factor authentication :

  •  Connect to your account.
  •  Go to Settings > Password.
  •  Click on “Set up the two-factor authentication”.
  •  On your smartphone, open your TOTP app and flash the QR code provided on the screen.
  •  Enter the code provided by your app as requested.
  •  You are all set.

See it in action :

  •  Once you have activated the two-factor authentication, quit Mailfence (logout).
  •  You are pushed back to the login page. Enter your username and password and press “Enter”, as usual.
  •  You will now be redirected to a new page asking you to enter the TOTP code.
  •  Open your TOTP app on your smartphone and select the code for Mailfence. Enter the code. Press “Send”.
  •  Your are now connected.


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– Mailfence Team

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Patrick De Schutter

Patrick De Schutter is a serial digital entrepreneur and startup investor. In 2000 he launched one of the European pioneers of cloud software. He is a strong believer and advocate of encryption and privacy. With his company Mailfence, he supports the fight for digital rights and donates part of its revenues to support the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the European Digital Rights Foundation. Twitter: @pdeschutter

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7 Responses

  1. Edward says:

    what can be done in order to login to email when, for some reason, a mobile phone with application for 2FA is not available?

  2. Zsolt says:

    How can we use IMAP if 2FA is enabled? Do you provide application specific passwords for IMAP like other providers?

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