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Social Engineering: What is Smishing?

SMiShing (short of SMS phishing) is an emerging security threat. It is a technique that uses mobile phone text messages (SMS) to trick victims into taking an immediate action. Why...


How to combat Advanced Persistent Threats

The diluted usage of the term advanced persistent threat (APT) across the media, marketing and industry conversations continues to amaze us. Too many organizations are now distracted by the hype...


Social Engineering: What is Phishing?

     WHAT IS PHISHING? Phishing (pronounced “fishing”) is a kind of identity theft which is growing in popularity amongst hackers. By using fraudulent websites and false emails, fake phone calls...

11 tips on how to avoid social engineering schemes

11 tips on how to avoid social engineering schemes

Following are several tips on how to avoid social engineering schemes. These steps won’t prevent your account from getting compromised if a service provider falls for a social engineering hack and...