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Social Engineering: What is Smishing?

SMiShing (short of SMS phishing) is an emerging security threat. It is a technique that uses mobile phone text messages (SMS) to trick victims into taking an immediate action. Why...

Virtual machine | Mailfence - Secure and private email service

Virtual machine: why use it?

There are plenty of reasons to use a virtual machine or VM from a security and privacy stand-point. In this blogpost, we will list some of them that will help...

APS | Mailfence - Secure and private email service

How to combat Advanced Persistent Threats

The diluted usage of the term advanced persistent threat (APT) across the media, marketing and industry conversations continues to amaze us. Too many organizations are now distracted by the hype...

Notes de version Mailfence mai 2018

Tips on how to protect your data

Last year has shown us a tremendous amount of Data Breaches.  It is therefore more than advisable to focus on securing you data by using a layered approach (adding as...

10 tips to protect your computer

10 tips on how to protect your computer!

Below are some important steps you should consider to protect your computer.  While no individual step will eliminate your risk – together, these practices will minimize the threat of possible malicious...