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SSL certificate KB

Mailfence knowledge base: SSL/TLS certificate

This blog post provides details over the SSL/TLS certificate for the Mailfence knowledge base (KB). A modern browser should automatically check the validity of the Mailfence KB SSL/TLS certificate and...

How to make email secure

7 Tips To Keep Your Email Account Secure

Most people send emails every day. Therefore, protecting your email account is a must. Especially when you know that emails are the favourite way for hackers to access your data....

Password security best practices

11 Password Best Practices To Keep Your Accounts Secure

How well do you remember your passwords? If you’re like most people, you probably keep forgetting passwords. You might be guilty of reusing the same password on different accounts, or...

Mailfence signups surge after CTemplar shutdown

Mailfence signups surge

Mailfence signups surge after CTemplar shut down A surge in new users for the secure email suite, Mailfence. A swell of new users are signing up for the encrypted email...