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alternatives to google

How To Degoogle Your Life

Sure, Google is convenient, with their various services all connected and free! But Google tracks you every time you use their services, and you probably use several of them. Google...

Why use a virtual machine

Virtual Machine: What Is It And Why Use It?

A virtual machine is another practical method to improve your security and privacy by protecting your device (computer, server) from many cyber threats, preventing it from getting compromised. But don’t...

SSL certificate KB

Mailfence knowledge base: SSL/TLS certificate

This blog post provides details over the SSL/TLS certificate for the Mailfence knowledge base (KB). A modern browser should automatically check the validity of the Mailfence KB SSL/TLS certificate and...

Protect devices travelling

Tips To Protect Your Devices When Travelling

Our smartphones, computers, tablets, and other electronic gadgets are so much a part of our daily lives that it is now inconceivable not to take them with us when travelling...

How to protect your data

12 Tips On How To Protect Your Data

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of cyber attacks on organizations and individuals has exploded. It is therefore more important than ever to keep your data and...

How companies should protect their data from spying

How companies should protect their data from spying

After the revelations of former CIA and NSA affiliated individual ‘Edward Snowden’ regarding PRISM, the gigantic spying program of the American government, users – individuals and organizations – have realized the...