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Mailfence translation Project

The Mailfence translation project

We are happy to announce that Mailfence is available in 6 different languages following the addition of Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. Thanks to the Mailfence Translation Project, Mailfence can now...


Time to take our ePrivacy back

We are already living in the future. Humans attacking robots, fridges leaking your passwords, mattresses that can tell you if your partner is cheating on you.  There are even dolls...

mailfence at CPDP

Mailfence at CPDP2018: A brief rundown!

In continuation to Mailfence at CPDP 2018, this blogpost will provide a brief run-down of our overall experience with regards to the event. Our team engaged with a number of...

Power Outage Notification

Power outage notification

On December 17, 2017 (since 07:00 am CET), the gateway hosting of the datacenter where Mailfence’s infrastructure is hosted is facing a major electrical power outage.  We are monitoring the...

mailfence at CPDP

Mailfence will be present at CPDP2018

We are extremely excited to present our secure and private email at the 11th edition of the Computers, Privacy & Data Protection Conference. CPDP2018 is taking place on 24, 25,...