Author: Audrey Duperron

What distinguishes instant messaging from email

What distinguishes instant messaging from email?

Obsolete, outdated, and even “dead”: with the rise of instant messaging applications, many media are predicting the demise of email. Email is considered time-consuming, stressful and is no longer part...

Learn to distinguish spear phishing

Spear phishing: What is it and how to prevent it

If you have read our posts related to social ingineering ploys (phishing, smishing, whaling and vishing), you already know that many kinds of scams are derived from phishing. But it’s...

Social Ingeneering tips : what is whaling

Social Engineering: What is a whaling attack?

A whaling attack is a form of phishing attack aimed at high-profile executives. By impersonating a highly-ranked professional, cybercriminals try to trick their victims into doing unfavourable actions. They usually...